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Unfair LP and Ranting

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  • Unfair LP and Ranting

    Thank you for the unfair LP after randomly disconnecting from a match and having 'Abandon' as the only option to close it once it had ended. I am now even more inclined to spend money on cosmetics (and I haven't even mentioned the random fps drops and random matchmaking with horrible people who probably still live in caves - you know who I mean).

    Seriously, nobody play this game. DotA2 died after Reborn. Maybe Blizzard should buy it, instead having true fans deal with Valve's buggy mess of a game, their portrayal of the characters, lore, and their greed of monetizing every element in the game (I will never forgive Valve for putting the Moonbeam and Rain weather effects behind a paywall and compendium exclusivity; to me they were essential to the feel of the game in DotA1, as strange as it sounds).
    DotA started in Warcraft 3 and I would LOVE to see the IP fall in Blizzard's hands - where it should've been in the first place.

    PS: and what's with banning me from the Steam Forums of the game for having an inappropriate username? Maybe you should fix your language filters instead of punishing for something you allow even in the game? Ever seen a swastika in CS GO? I have.
    Last edited by Iluvatar21; 10-17-2015, 04:37 AM.

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    Bugs still are in the game indeed. However I dont think this thread is for discussion. More like a little temple of cry. And I kinda bet that asking sthing like
    > and what's with banning me from the Steam Forums of
    is not gonna work anyway since noone cares and you are not nice.


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      Go play HotS then (or any other shitty moba) and you'll come crawling back very soon. Reborn still has plenty of bugs, same as servers. But that's because they shipped a fucking new engine with it. And they launched it early to allow them to fix bugs faster (you know, high number of players testing it? ). If you can't stand bugs take a break until they polish it further, but everything will get a lot better soon