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Valve, could you consider tweaking LP again so it's something like this?

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  • Valve, could you consider tweaking LP again so it's something like this?

    -- Ten (10) 20+ minute recorded matches of Low Priority are required to get out of LP queue.

    -- Abandons will be handed out more quickly for AFKing/etc. in Low Priority matches.
    Instead of the normal 5 minutes of no xp gained, 2-3 minutes of inactivity will give a player an abandoned match towards their account. These should count towards more Low Priority matches like they would normally (2 in 7 days is what people believe the current threshold to be for LPQ).

    -- Every LP game you win reduces Low Priority by an additional 2 games, until you are out.
    This means complete stomps that are <20 min are still counted for winners. It also means the absolute minimum number of LP matches to be played is 4 before you leave. The maximum will be whatever you allow it to be, depending on if you rack up more LP or screw other players' match up with reportable offenses and rack up more required matches.

    -- No parties allowed in Low Priority.
    This helps prevent abuse of any of these rules.

    - Abandoning Low Priority games increases your Low Priority count by __.
    Not sure what the number should be. 1 or 2 should be sufficient but if the idea is to discourage abandoning Dota 2 matches, perhaps it should be more harsh. You are definitely screwing over 4 other players every time you do it anyway.

    I'd really appreciate you taking a second look at changes to Low Priority. I think right now it's too easy to screw with people who end up getting into Low Priority for minor offenses, sometimes inevitable situations that they can't fix like connection problems entirely out of the user's control. The combination of the above changes to Low Priority helps protect people like that, punishes people more harshly that deserve LP, and further punishes people who attempt to make Low Priority a mockery. There has been another suggestion of adding a second layer to Low Priority, which would still work with this system. Though, I think that's a bit much because it'd ruin the queue times of Low Priority.

    Right now, what you've done is similar to the U.S. issuing felony drug charges, permanent record offenses, for marijuana possession over a couple grams in most states not long ago, treated just the same as possession of heroin. That's not cool and this is just a game. I still remember getting a crap-ton of Low Priority matches for being reported by a stack of players all at once because I disagreed with a choice to push with them right then about 2 years ago. While you might have mostly fixed the report system to prevent that from happening as easily, Low Priority is worse than ever before and there's a good chance you'll screw something up. I haven't been in LP aside from then but I'd rather not see people suffer because you're incompetent and absorb all the idiocy that is from reddit every time something gets a lot of traffic.
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    Please post support or thoughts on this if you read it. Thanks.