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How can MMR be improved?

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  • How can MMR be improved?

    I started playing a year and a half ago and I feel I have a good perspective of how the game flows, how every hero works, the current meta, and timing. The problem is I'm still in ranked games with seemingly no idea what is going on. Checking their profiles usually shows about 500-700 hours. I know at that point I didn't know as much as I do now (3k+ hrs), so why must I be in matches with these people?

    Maybe the tutorials need to be mandatory before entering ranked and completing the all-hero challenge too.

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    You can't judge someone based on how long they have played the game. Some people perform better with less time than others and some take longer. Also, people aren't machines and they don't perform the same level every time. Lastly, this can be potentially fixed by setting the bar high for playing ranked matches by making it to 100 lvl or 75 lvl of experience trophy.


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        best way to improve your mmr is playing suporter or semi-carry heros(most of times it works) because always ur team8 pick carrys and all want be superman


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          only reliable way to improve mmr is to pick strong meta heroes and play mid or maybe solo offlane where you can do your shit alone and dont have to rely on others. first thing to learn is to never rely on other people.

          f.e. in this patch just go with shadow fiend mid every game after you learned to really excel at this hero in bot games. his flash farm ability is so strong that you can make up for 1 or 2 bad players in your game.

          don't try to get more mmr as support. thats the most useless advise ever. maybe you can do this at 5k mmr but not at 3k-4k.

          btw you can judge people by how long they played. surely not all but most of them.
          another example: since dota reborn started the 3k mmr bracket is flooded with complete noobs. this was not the case in the old dota 2. why am i telling this? this people only know a few heroes they can play themselves. they have no idea what counterpicking means. they don't how to do a good draft with synergy. they don't know what harrasing means and they don't know when and how to pull. they only know the two runes ward spots. they don't know what rotation is. they don't know what different items builds are. they don't know how to adjust throughout the game. the only thing they are halfway good at is last hitting with their 5 heroes they know to play and only if you do create a shitload of space for them so they can free farm for 30-35min.

          this was clearly not the case before dota reborn started. there was 3.5k what 3.5k is. last hitting ok, mostly ok picks, good supports, good warding, sometimes bad teamfight decisions but overall people know how and when to use their spells and so on. (this related to 3.5k mmr - in 5k mmr it may would be not good at all)

          and there comes the problem. since ever reborn started i mostly get matched up with people that have lvl 20-25 with like only 300 games played and winrates about 46-48%. this was almost never the case in the old dota (i know since i look up every match in dota buff).

          anyway valve just thinks its better to give new players a mmr between 3k-4.5k and thats why games are rarely good anymore. no experienced players equals horrible matches.
          Last edited by mcmoneysack; 11-20-2015, 11:49 AM.