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Message to Ice Frog

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  • azgalor_pit
    The dragon lance looks idea looks great. Difussal could be this way to. But permanent difussal for int agy and str

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  • DoctorGester
    MEEPO why 5 heroes when use ulti for the rest 107 heroes ULTI don't provide Heroes Meepo Ulti is too OP for this game the passive effects and don't tell me to play ES to counter meepo

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  • DotaAdvicer
    started a topic Message to Ice Frog

    Message to Ice Frog

    New patch 6.86 we have new items
    I have 2 very logical suggestions
    1 Iron branch - make it shareable like ward Tp scroll etc. You can click on the ground plant tree that can be eaten with tango for boosted healing
    Optional : (you can Chop trees now with Queling blade to harvest up to 5 Iron branches when cutting trees, wards or be stored in Iron Talon like charges ) a little deforestation and planting seeds for happy trees

    2 Dragon lance Item should be great benefit to every hero with ORB I see DK sieging towers in ulty form like joke from safer distance Enchantress With scepter Viper Orb or even Sniper OD silencer Clinkz.
    (here is the sugestion Like power treads stats can be switched into str agi and Int make Same to dragon lance I want to build Sielncer on Intelegence or Ench I want Clinks and Drow on Agilty Lance I want DK phoenix on STR)

    I play dota from 6.45 and it s been great journey. the game is far from perfect and some abilitiies are way to much damn good

    I dont Like to play versus list of specific heroes and I nan them ALWAYS on CM and here is why :

    abilities and items dont work on ilusions but open manta as CK and cast reality rift all your ilusion have bonus 100 damage in next hit
    Difussal blade , for some heroes this item does that much mana burn (PL) that is out of any sense of fair game should deal 50% less damage and mana burn than original hero
    Shadow blade - SLARK why HP regen when use shadow blade for the rest 107 heroes SHADOW blade don't provide Healing or regenaration Slark Ulty is too OP for this game the passive effects and dont tell me to play BS to counter slark
    Arc warden abilty use items with ilusions break any rule he find you TRIPLE dagon you or Hex and you cant do anything so why you farm dagon on nux or any other hero when some hero with same gold same farm is 3 times more powerful than you ???