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  • Something is wrong

    Hi thank you for taking the time to read my post,

    Teams have been *unbalanced in my last 20 ranked games. This seems like a significant enough number of games to rule out it just being random. Are there other levels of low priority, is my account filtered into some kind of alternative game system, if so is it because I play to much or is it because I get reported a lot(not that I know of reasons why I would get reported)?

    Something is wrong. My opponents mention things like boosting an account, is this true? Am I in the middle of some sort of paid boosting service?

    How does it work, do they all join ranked at the same time then whoever ends up on the boosted accounts team plays and whoever ends up the opposing team doesn't play?

    Then I suppose its a double problem because someones account gets boosted, leaving an unskilled player in a high MMR?

    If this is true then its hard to imagine a solution. Valve would have to influence games secretively and make it not worth their while or something extreme.

    I got time off of work so I started playing during UK day time, perhaps that reduces the pool of players and makes the MMR boosters high enough for me to see a 100% saturation? In that case Value should have a clear sample of the problem, which means they might not care at all? I suppose the players that get boosted have the most money?

    Please someone tell me I'm wrong! This is depressing!

    *unbalanced - By unbalanced I mean teams have significant differences in individual and team play skills and the games have players that go AFK or that don't fight etc.

  • #2
    Welcome to the hidden punishment pool. That's where most average skilled players that play a lot of games in a run, eventually end up.
    So, play less than 4 games a day. If you lost 2, don't queue for a third.
    Don't engage in disputes with your teammates - they are the most "toxic" players just like yourself (according to Valve). Actually, refrain from any communications, even chatwheel & ping.
    Buy your own wards. Always cary a TP. Get involved in fights even if it's a lost cause. Don't afk jungle for 20ish minutes.

    These should drastically reduce the number of reports you receive, and give the system time to "cool off" and send you back to the random balanced pool.
    Troubleshooting crashes
    Dota 2 Resources: autoexec.cfg reference / benchmark.cfg / Tweak it yourself (launch options, cvars) / useful batch files
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      I do play a lot of games, probably way above average. I have 4.5k games played, I play a lot when I play.

      Lately though I have been very calm and helpful, I always got a tp, I never go afk in the jungle etc, so much so that I started getting a lot of commends, then suddenly after a massive win streak it just went boom and I lost everything I had gained and more.

      Just giving further information, not sure there are any solid conclusions I can draw. I assume there is no proof of this to many games = secret punishment pool?

      Since I wrote this post, I won a game haha.

      Maybe valve sent a member of staff to win me a game cause they felt sorry for me xD

      My problem now is that I am off work and have nothing better to do : (

      Maybe I will make a series of youtube videos demonstrating a guy down on his luck and talking theory of a secret MMR filter haha. No one will watch though will they lol

      Oh yeah I just remembered I did also buy a few things from the shop! maybe you got to pay to win haha ... nah hopefully they wont go that far