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Abandon from power outage

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  • Abandon from power outage

    I had no idea where to post this but I take great pride in the fact that I had zero abandons after 1300 hours of Dota 2, but then this morning my power went out for ~2 hours in the middle of a game and I got an abandon.

    Is there anything I can do to get the abandon removed?

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    I've got 2 abandons too out of over 2000 matches.

    1 was because my game was bugging (I could not level up skills when the game started) So I restarted the dota client and BOOM 500 mb update. Could not rejoin (I believe you should be able to continue a match that started before an update -.-)
    2 Was because of random internet problems.

    Point is. no one gives a shit here in the forum, the devs CAN remove the abandon but they have no reason nor time to do it, and I understand that, particularly because its nothing IMPORTANT, its nothing that affects you in any way. Its not even visible. You can have a couple of abandons and still be at 0% abandons.

    Remember they dont have time to adjust/remove/check stuff that actually AFFECTS players (MMr rate due to server failure for example). Or even worse game wide issues like cheating and account boosting and boting, and their shitty automated report system.

    So I'm with you, I get what you mean, I dont like abandoning and I was also sort of selfproud of not having abandons. But I'm just saying is: dont pay attention to it mate. Keep your abandon rate under 1% and you are cool. I have friends with 6% and have seen people with far more than that.

    And in case I wasnt clear in that part: No, there's absolutely nothing you can do to have that removed.
    Make a NON automated report system.
    I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
    Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
    The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters