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[BUG] Cross platform lobby invites silently dropped when in a party with the invitee

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  • [BUG] Cross platform lobby invites silently dropped when in a party with the invitee

    Recently, there seems to have been a change to the game where existing 'Party members' are not automatically put into newly created lobbies for custom games like they used to. The UI includes functionality to manually invite people to your lobby, yet this is not always functional:

    I've encountered a bug where people could not join lobbies via manual invite by the lobby creator/leader under certain circumstances. The invites could be sent, but were not received (silently dropped) or clicking on the invite would not get you into the lobby.

    To reproduce, try the following. So far I have encountered the problem while the two clients are on respectively the Linux and Windows platforms. I only tested it with the other person not being on your steam 'friends' list. It may be that the bug only occurs then.

    1) Create a new password-protected custom game lobby. I've tried reproducing this with a few custom game modes, had 'success' with "gemTD" in particular, but the specific custom game should not matter.
    2) Invite a person to a party that runs a Windows-based client
    3) Now invite them to your lobby. They can't join.
    4) Kick them from the party.
    5) Invite them to the lobby again. This time, they can join.
    6) If you invite them back into your party at this point, that will also work correctly.

    Second note; swapping roles between the two Operating Systems (the Windows client being the party leader and the Linux Client the Invitee) results in the same bug happening.

    In addition, step (3) might also fail if the second person tries joining via the 'find private lobby' functionality in the custom game tab by manually searching for the password while in a party with the lobby creator. I have not verified this from both ends yet.

    It could be that joining would be 'blocked' if the system can't place all players in a party on the same team for it would be weird for two party members to face eachother in a versus game. E.g. in a dota-style game having members of the same party on both sides. In this case there still is a 'bug', yet a UI one, as there's no indication to either user why the invite failed. A message such as "cannot invite X party members, the custom game supports at most Y players per team" would go a long way explaining to the user why no invite was actually sent.

    P.S.: This bug touches multiple sections of the forums and may or may not be related to the Linux client in particular. I'm putting it in the 'general' section of the custom games section for now, for I have no idea where it would belong.