I have custom hero with custom model, in npc_heroes_custom it overriden as alchemist:
"override_hero" "npc_dota_hero_alchemist" // Hero to override
"Ability1" "templar_assassin_refraction_holdout" // Ability 1
"VisionNighttimeRange" "1800" // Range of vision at night time.
"DisableWearables" "1"
"Model" "models/dante/dante.vmdl"
"ModelScale" "1.300000"
"VersusScale" "0.8500000"
"LoadoutScale" "0.900000"
{ }
Before i added ACT_DOTA_LOADOUT animation this problem occured only on hero select screen and versus posing, playeble model was okay. After adding loadout animation to model it looks like this everywhere...
How to get rid of this alchemist attachments?