It was great, no more that game is the most stupid game i never thought it could exist, i played 3500+ match yet the game still giving me teammates that still learning the base roles & rules of the game like really !!!!
its my 3501 match yet it match me with a team that is 1st-100th match they also are cancer toxic & racist kids, it give me a trophy of experience that should be how they match players but no they just measure you skill by the wins to loses scale which will sometimes be 50%50%only which is never fair to take as the only thing to match the players at skill tree scale, it is no more on scale now cancer is away more than how great the game was, thanks for wasting my 3500 match to keep me on the lowest bracket at the game while my skills are always away higher significantly than the other players at more than 95% of the matches which makes no sense. Make Dota 2 Great Again !