Problem is on my Dota profile, and it is problem about counting my BEHAVE SCORE.

I explained my problem to steam supporter but he say that he cant help me and that system works just fine. But tne 2 pictures i got, from my 30 recent games tell otherwise.

In last 30 games (as all of you know BS score changes on 15 games) but i will tell you after my 30 games i had:
28 commends, after last 15 games i got 17 and after 15 more i got 11, just 1 communication report (dont know why becouse i behaved nice) 0 abandons, 0 gameplay reports.

So basicly, 28 commends in 30 games, none abandons, none gameplay reprots and just 1 communicate report. I have pictures to prove it, just dont know may i atach it here.

And instead improveing my Behave Score it got lowered by 250.... now i am at 6078.
Not to mention when my PC turned off i got abandon and after 15 games i loss 300 behave score only for 1 abandon. But never mind that one... sh*t happens. Just please someone fix this problem with behave score.

Steam support cant help me, but they say to that this problem is better suited for DOTA DEVELOPMENT TEAM.

Please some in DOTA TEAM to answer it and to help me, so i can have good behave teammates on ranked and i can improve to next lvl and have nice games, not with bad behave players.

Dont even know how i got here... but it is really frustrating.

I will attach 2 pictures here so you all can see it, i aint lieing and there is something wrong with calculating my BS for sure.

Please help.
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