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Ranked Matchmaking

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  • Ranked Matchmaking

    So you introduced the Solo Matchmaking Option tick.

    So please tell me if I missed the mark here:

    People get more identified with labels and definitions. If you can label something, people accept it more easily.

    Why not put another option:

    1. Serious Ranked Matchmaking
    2. Casual Ranked Matchmaking

    YES I KNOW, that may produce some imbalance in the size of player pool in each option.
    BUT AGAIN, is the Pro Player pool large or tiny?
    I think many would agree, they would rather wait 10mins for a game, then play a Ranked Match with people who:

    1. Don't communicate
    2. Don't play their roles
    3. Don't listen to sound advice and inevitably fail and feed

    I mean, the matchmaking system is a f****ing sinus signal. A literal sinus signal. You own 3 games like knife through a butter stick, then you get completely wiped again 3 games in a row, simply by lack of effort and communication from your own team.

    I have 1500 MMR with 5500h in dota. I know what 90% of you are gonna say:
    - lol with that many hours and still crusader? you mental?
    - that means you don't play that good
    - etc etc whatever

    I watched, and Im serious cuz i got so frustrated with the system, I also thought: okay, I'm gonna learn every single tiny bit I can about the game and try and try and try.

    I watched around 500h of pro gameplays and that GamerzClass website, the hours summed. I got people with higher ranks to play with me or just to watch their game.

    I'm an avid reader and student when I'm interested. I did pull out a notebook and wrote everything and really tried to GET all the tidbits.

    Then I got my mechanics better. 500+ cs endgame ArcWarden, Platinum level with invoker with minimal fails in spell chaining. Map awareness, trying to play more then my role demands. Looking out for my teammates, watch out here, youre pushing too far, look they probably smoked, go farm here i stacked you camps.. ETC ETC ETC

    AGAIN the sinus signal. Yes you report people for not playing their role, flaming and not playing, bla bla and bla to the power of 99.

    Why do people with 5000 games get matched with people inside their rank with 200 game Is that fair to me or to the enemy team