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Suggestion for game fixes

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  • Suggestion for game fixes

    I have suggestion for report system to improve it even further. I am frustrated with it now, as I reported 2 griefers and they did not get lp, at least I did not receive notification.
    So 1. Get people to overwatch even after at least one player have reported them. Why? Let's say one is playing with pack of 3 and 1 in same game, one of 3 is griefing or feeding, other one from solo players reports him, the other solo player does not have reports. So party members will not report and there is only 1 report which is not enough as I understand to put reported player to overwatch. But thatt griefing player already broke the game for 9 other people, so he must be punished.
    2. Lower behavior score only when you get into low priority, and do it by 1000 or 2000 points.
    3. Change system when someone disconnects. Auto-pause game right when someone leaves and count 5 minutes for it. Also if same person reconnects, keep counting from the minutes left when he reconnected auto-pausing game again. If someone leaves in ranked game, discard the game as it is no longer fair (dota is meant to be played 5v5 not 4v5 at any point). Or other choice take 150 mmr from leaver and distribute it to opposite team, leaving the 4 ppl team untouched, because this is none of those 4 players fault.
    Other solution take 2000-3000 behavior points from leaver after he leaves ranked game and put him into low priority instantly. If you think that taking 150 mmr from leaver in unfair, let's think mmr system like. If that player is that good, he will eventually regain his lost 150 mmr. This is not that big of a deal.
    4. Change overwatch system. For now I always press X on overwatch cases, as I have no point in doing valve's job. So if you want players to regulate community for you, reward them for that. If not by money, give some kind of credits: for ex. each successful case (guilty or not) gives 1 point. After getting 1000 points you can choose one of the existing arcanas. People would be glad to help you and be rewarded for time spent not playing. That way your company do not have to hire someone to do it, do not pay taxes and job is done as it is needed.

    I don't know how many ppl suggested to make overwatch, but I remeber myself suggesting it at least 4 times in reports like this, and here it is, we have overwatch which only needs some adjustments.

    Why I am writing all this? Because I am constantly on 10000 behavior score and still meeting griefers and ruiners. That means system is not working as it should be. That means that griefers should never reach 10000 easily.

    P.S. At this point of the game I am 99% sure matchmaking is not only taking into consideration your rank, but also your win rate (then mmr numbers do not make sence). I think this is not fair, and in ranked games, rank should be only criteria for matchmaking.
    Also let people decide strict language preference (client language), also let people decide if they want behavior score between matched players to be the same or default. I am sure there are people who would rather wait and have good game than get randoms with different behavior score. And in the end what is the point in behavior score if you can be matched with 2k or 3k lower players.
    Last edited by nanemo; 07-27-2021, 06:01 PM.