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10v10 Compiled Bugs

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  • 10v10 Compiled Bugs

    Current in game Bugs or Missing Features
    (Missing) Enable Leaver Penalty
    (Missing) Add Arcane Rune
    (Missing) Terrains & Weather Effects don't work in game
    (Bug) Runes spawning every 2 & 5 minutes
    (Bug) If a user does not select a hero before the game starts they are unable to select a hero. Please fix to either auto random or allow them to pick
    (Bug) Unable to see all heroes selected during the game selection screen. Can only see 5 per team.
    (Bug) Fix disable help. Currently Wisp/Kotl/Tiny trolls can troll games
    (Bug) 2560 x 1080 top hud is not centred

    - Disable Zeus
    - Disable Spectre

    Lobby/Custom Issues for all lobbies
    (Bug) Kicked users are able to re join a lobby - Please fix so that user is unable to re join a lobby once kicked.
    (Bug) Auto start lobby once everyone has loaded. Host's are sometimes AFK
    (Feature) Ban lists for custom lobbies

    Would be nice
    (Feature) Implement to normal game search like the new turbo mode

    DEV Forus Thread

    Workshop Thread
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    Terrains & Weather Effects dont work in 10v10


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      Please stick as this is a know list of bugs

      DEV Forus Thread

      Workshop Thread
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        + Unable to see all heroes selected during the game selection screen. Can only see 5 per team.


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          - make the game start automatically after every player hits accept rather than leaving it to the host to click "lock + start" because of the 30 second timer reset abuse

          - enable currently disabled heroes (bloodseeker, death prophet, etc) and rebalance them

          - fix players crashing at the start of the game


          • #6
            can anyone else confirm these issues? might be new and might not be 10v10 specific, i really don't know:

            - enemy player's mute buttons on the scoreboard seem to be gone, can't mute / unmute them individually anymore

            - scoreboard hotkey doesn't seem to work at all anymore


            • #7
              You can see the mute button for the opposing team that is normal.

              Scoreboard is bugged but you can manually use the button for now.

              Im not going to add the disabled heroes to the above main list because I really want Valve/Steam to do minimal maintenance. Asking them to balance 10v10 will never happen and is not the intention of this list.

              Crashing at the start of the game is a PC issue. Get a better computer and it wont happen. Ive never crashed once.

              Auto starting the game i will add


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                bumping old thread to lifev


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                  Zeus is pretty easy to counter with Dazzle. If disabling Zeus than disabling Riki, Sniper and BH. "Backdoor" isn't the problem. Zues helps well to counter NP as well.

                  So far only needs to be fixed
                  - No new heroes.
                  - No buying collections/guides.
                  - Only 7/10 heroes are visible in hero pick screen.
                  - Unable to pick and enter the game on timeout. (Random pick on timeout, if user didn't pick anything)
                  - Fix 50 to 90% of players gets kicked on spawn after hero pick, because of excessive HDD reads. 10v10 only works well on SSD. Soften timeouts and HDD reads.
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                    How does Dazzle counter Zeus? Lol are we playing the same game here? You must be playing some lower tiered 10v10 games. But other globals which is the reason Bloodseeker and Silencer are banned should also be banned. That’s the reason for Zeus, AA and Spectre

                    I don’t list nature prophet because he isn’t really a problem unless he back doors. Rat and push all you like I’m fine with that but back sporting chipping away with no tower regen is just unfair

                    Backdooring is the aids of 10v10

                    Valve also can’t fixed the people droppping because they have poor computers which is why I didn’t list the player drop


                    • #11
                      - If someone leaves during picking phase, everyone gets the big red "Connection failure" screen which makes them think game is over and everyone leaves (while there's nothing really wrong).


                      - Leaver's gold should be given to remaining team members. In fact this is really important since almost every 10v10 match has leavers.

                      Also I don't understand why Death Prophet is disabled here. Zeus is way stronger and he's in game.
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                        Bumping and updating whats required


                        • #13
                          Enable Penalties for 10v10!!!!


                          • #14
                            Bump enable penalties!!!!


                            • #15
                              Enable penalties after fixing other stuff. For example I'd very much like to leave the game if there's some fountain-tp trolling chen in the game.