I've been through steams customer service website
and every time i click on Dota 2 to request a refund it tells me
Jul 24, 2014 - Dota 2 - Hardware Survey -
Promotional products cannot be refunded."

It doesn't even give me the option to chose which product from dota i would like to refund just this message.
I don't play the game much anymore due to the toxicity of the majority of players in game(after 5k hours i've had enough) but like an idiot i click renewable subscription on Dota Plus rather than the month subscription. As i don't play the game much to warrant owning dota plus i'd like to apply for a refund for this months Dota plus. I haven't played the game since it came through so i haven't actually used the product in any way. Anyone any ideas how i can go about requesting a refund? Thanks!