Been playing dota since about 2004 when it was on and I used banlist to host my own games...

I love this game. It's challenging, fun, and often unforgiving. It's a remnant of the games of the old days. You know, the ones where if you ran out of lives, you started the entire game over again. Obviously this game doesn't exactly work that way but the way it challenges me makes me feel the way those games felt. I think a huge part of why this game was so challenging was because the vast majority of it required purely skill... Until now.

The neutral items ruined the game. They have introduced a HUGE element of chance into the game that doesn't belong. Sure, we had random rune spawns every two minutes, random jungle camps, and a varying roshan respawn timer but that was about it! Now you can just farm jungle creeps and chance upon an item that can win you the game (or at the very least sway it back in your favor). These items are too strong, basically for free, and its all luck of the draw. The reality is, SOME OF THESE ITEMS ARE JUST WAY BETTER THAN OTHERS. And another issue is some of these items are better suited for certain heroes than others. You just took a game that was already challenging to balance because of its infinite complexity and MADE IT EVEN HARDER TO BALANCE.

And another thing... Most of the items are stat improving, CD improving, or an orb effect. I would argue that those types of items are most beneficial on carry heroes. Not to mention finding these items is in favor of carry players anyways because more often than not they are the ones in the jungle farming creeps. Being an almost exclusive support player I feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage because of this. I feel I ultimately have much less say on how these items are utilized and my success in this game has struggled as a result.

Pre 7.23 I was at 4600 mmr since the updates to matchmaking and the new patch I have lost insane amounts of games. I'm hovering around 3.7k mmr now. I see the distinct difference in skill level at my new mmr and feel hopeless.

To provide an even more accurate idea of how I play this game I'm a Treant spammer. Hell I'd argue I'm one of THE Treant spammers. There might be only a few people in the world who have played the hero more than me and according to dotabuff only 1 person. At one point I was the number 2 ranked treant protector player according to their leaderboard for however their algorithm had determined it.

The hero was reworked with the patch, nerfed into oblivion, and now just recently buffed back into relevance. Regardless of the changes, regardless of the fact people think he is one of the best support heroes in dota right now, I'm still trying to argue just how bad these new neutral items are for the game because that's just how strongly I feel about the issue.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Dota is evolving. Maybe these new items are necessary.

Maybe its time for an older guy like myself to finally call it quits on the games. or..

Maybe... Dota just isn't for me anymore....