Dota2 has been infamous for it's way beneath idiotic report system - which has twice more now been confirmed to be total shame for VALVE.
I mean - there isn't any reasonable explanation for rewarding LP for playing your role and stomping the game.

Pick jakiro offlane. Stomp your lane. Kill enemy carry. Enemy carry disconnects and leaves the game. Win the game fast. And valve awards you with LP.

Sounds logical, eh? Sure. There ain't ANY logic behind it. There was this toxic lion, though - who probably "reported for not playing his role" or something. One can never know.
The irony is, that the jakiro player sure did play his role. And wasn't any toxic either. Stomped his lane.


Another one was me picking bounty-hunter as a hard support. We stomped our lane. We won the game. And i never was any toxic. Probably didn't say a word. Valve decided to give LP and 2 days ban for that

I mean. Is there really any brains behind the group that works with the reporting system development at all? I doubt it. It's only gotten worse in the decade of dota2.

The message valve is giving with this is that no matter whether you play good, are toxic or anything - doesn't matter. You still get lp - or 6 or more months worth of ban - for doing absolutely nothing wrong.
That by itself makes demand for other smurf accounts - which also makes the all-over play shittier for all.


So thanks valve for using such incompetent unfair system and making otherwise great game amongst the worst games existing today.