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How do you make changes take effect?

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  • How do you make changes take effect?

    I have been trying to play with the Panorama UI a bit, mainly wanting to just put a nicer loading screen into some past mods and maybe make use of the new UI style, but none of my changes seem to actually do anything. I tried both starting from scratch, and then taking the all the panorama files from Overthrow and modifying them, but no changes seem to propagate. I was under the impression the assists should automatically recompile upon change, but that doesn't seem to be the case, and I can not find a way to manually force a recompile.

    Also, when I tried to make a change though the panorama debugger, I got an error saying p4.exe was missing, and it basically locked up the game.
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    I'm having the same problem. I can't figure out how to compile the panorama files.


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      Apparently nothing gets compiled. The game folder for empty addons contains no panorama folder, and for overthrow etc it never get's modified.


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        Originally posted by
        When running the Dota tools, XML, CSS, and JS files in the content/ folder are monitored like any other content files and auto-recompiled and reloaded when you make changes. (This will only happen when the UI is active - an unused XML will only be compiled once it's actually used.)
        Looks like it should be compiled automatically...

        I've tried putting this directly in one of my .xml files and still nothing shows in the console.
        		$.Msg( "Hello, world!" ):


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          It should, it doesnt, look into the game folder. Overthrow has .vxml_c, .vjs_c and .vcss_c files. Those are 'compiled' xml/js/css files. You can open it with a hexeditor to check, it's a valve wrapper.


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            The Panorama files seem to not be compiling.

            I created an addon with Overthrow as the base and none of the compiled Panorama files have been modified since then, despite making edits to the source files.


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              This is kind of important. Hard to play with this when changes are not compiled.


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                Just want to chime in to needlessly mention that this wasn't addressed at all in the update :P


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                  I have a tentative compiler for this stuff here: - there's a panoramacompiler executable that gets generated as part of the build. Builds of it can be gotten at

                  EDIT: Disregard that, Valve fixed their stuff.
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                    This patch seems to have fixed it, compiling does happen.