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Lobby list interface (suggestion)

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  • Lobby list interface (suggestion)

    I think custom games is a great idea. Now I like playing them, may be even more than original dota games. One of the reasons is that they are faster (particularly Overthrow mode). So, I can have a small 10-20 minutes game during a lunch time, or when I'm tired of working, but the working day is not over yet. But one problem I faced is that finding an appropriate lobby may take much time. Generally, I think the idea of lobbies is also good, as I can see people, communicate with them... But I think dota really needs filters for lobbies. There are lobby filters in different games. One of that I played was soldat (
    The main idea is that the list of lobbies becomes too long to look through. And, moreover, games are started too fast. So, after looking through first 10 lobbies I need to press refresh button and start from the top of the list again. Otherwise the games I will see will be already full in most cases. So, the idea is to be able to filter lobbies in a way that one sees only the lobbies that he wants, reducing the time for searching in that way.
    The main parameters for me would be:
    - game mode or map (I don't want to look through tens of lobbies with games I don't want to play, or it would be good, if I could, at least, hide custom games that are not installed on my computer).
    - connection (I don't want to see games with connection worse than 3 point, as playing them I may experience heavy lags)
    - number of players (usually, I don't want to see games with 1 player as in most cases they are created occasionally and when I click join the lobby I see 'The lobby you specified no longer exist'. On the other hand I don't want to see game that are full, as I also cannot join them. Actually, I also may avoid games with 8 and 9 players, as they are filled too fast so that when I click join I would get 'Join failed. Lobby is full'. I think many people do the same, so when the lobby has 9 people of 10 needed, it may take more time to start than if there were 8/10 or even 7/10. But I think adding lobby filters feature may reduce that problem, as people will not need to look through a long lobbies list and will be able to click join an appropriate lobby right after refreshing lobbies list.)

    Separately I wanted to suggest you providing a feature for custom games like 'Start even if someone fails'. As for some custom games, particularly like Петры, balance of the teams is different (2 to 8 for Петры) and fail of one user may not have significant influence on gameplay, while now the game may be started 3 or even more times with only one player failing every time, making other 9 people waiting.

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    I think patch reintroduced Ghost Lobbies. Seriously, wtf