Dear developers, a week ago on Tuesday, November 3, I wanted to open dota 2 and there was a small update, after that when entering the game in the menu, dota 2 closed by itself without throwing any error message (like a crash) I have another games and it only happens with dota 2, my pc meets all the recommended requirements (16gb ram, core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240) so try:
-validate game files from properties
-reinstall the game
-use launch parameters -autoconfig and -safe
-update windows update and update my nvidia drivers
-start the game as administrator or with another compatibility options

but the game did not stop closing when loading the menu and every time that happened to me in the game files an MDMP FILE was created like:
I resigned myself to waiting for another big update but I want to know if there is some way or something that you can do or that I can do to solve this big problem