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[Bug] PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment() and custom teams

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  • pie4all88
    I'd like to mention that the above code works if placed into InitGameMode(), but that also allows players to join any custom team at the beginning of the game.

    I'm trying to limit players to joining Radiant or Dire, but still be able to move them to another team while in-game. If I run that SetCustomGameTeamMaxPlayers() loop after the first player picks their hero, it seems to work but I get the following console error when I switch someone's team:

    !! (s2r://panorama/scripts/custom_game/team_select.vjs_c, line:156, col:17) - TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetChildCount' of null

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  • ToraxXx
    This happens due to the custom teams not having their max players set. Doing so will make it work.

    for team = 0, (DOTA_TEAM_COUNT-1) do
        GameRules:SetCustomGameTeamMaxPlayers(team, 10)

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  • ToraxXx
    I experience the same bug. Also the event "player_team" does not get triggered when assigning one of the custom teams (it does work when assigning GoodGuys / BadGuys though).

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  • pie4all88
    Similarly, PlayerResource:GetNthPlayerIDOnTeam(i, 1) returns -1 (meaning there are no player IDs on that team) even after I run PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment(target_pid, i). PlayerResource:GetPlayerCountForTeam(i) also returns 0.

    This indicates to me that PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment() is not changing the team associated with the player's ID.

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  • [Bug] PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment() and custom teams

    I'm attempting to change a player's team using PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment(), and then their hero's team using target:SetTeam().

    The following code worked in the Workshop Tools Alpha, where the variable "i" corresponds with the first unoccupied team between DOTA_TEAM_CUSTOM_1 and DOTA_TEAM_CUSTOM_8 (ints 6-13):
    PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment(target_pid, i)
    However, now when this code is called, the player whose team was changed does not get his team vision updated, but loses sight of his hero since it is now on a new team. In other words, he still receives vision from every unit that was on his original team, and does not receive vision from anything on his new team.

    Changing a player's team to a non-custom team seems to work fine. PlayerResource:SetCustomTeamAssignment(target_pid, 3) sets the unit's team to Dire, and this correctly changes the player's vision to match their new status of being on Dire's team. This makes me think there is a bug with SetCustomTeamAssignment() itself, not with my code. Someone on IRC mentioned Game.PlayerJoinTeam( teamId ); in Javascript; maybe SetCustomTeamAssignment() should interact with this new function behind the scenes.

    I've tried playing with PlayerResource:ReplaceHeroWith() and PlayerResource:UpdateTeamSlot(), but neither of these seemed to help.

    In the past, errors with vision when changing a unit's team have been related to "TeamCount" in addoninfo.txt, so I've copied my current addoninfo.txt below:

    	"addontitle"		"Retro Dota"
    	"addonversion"		"1.00"
    	"addontagline"		"Retro Dota"
    	"addonDescription"	"Play as 27-Spell Invoker and Gambler!"
    	"TeamCount" 		"10"
    	"maps"			"retrodota_arena_skirmish_map"
    	"IsPlayable"		"1"
    		"MaxPlayers"	"10"
    Last edited by pie4all88; 06-19-2015, 02:08 AM.