I'm trying to implement an item that grants "disable immunity", where the holder is unaffected by stuns and other such dispellable debuffs, but is still damaged by magical, physical, and pure damage. I was hoping that the shift from "magic immunity" to "spell immunity" would give us a MODIFIER_STATE_DEBUFF_IMMUNE or something to play with, so I've been making do with an implementation where the item repeatedly calls a strong debuff on the caster. This works to a limited extent; channeling animations still get interrupted.

Anyways, I would like to request either a built-in state for debuff/disable immunity, or a script filter that runs when modifiers are applied (so I could check to see if the modifier is tagged as a debuff, and prevent it from being applied if so).

Thank you for reading!

Edit: MODIFIER_STATE_MAGIC_IMMUNE exists, but it also blocks magical damage. I think this aspect of it is redundant because MODIFIER_PROPERTY_ABSOLUTE_NO_DAMAGE_MAGICAL also exists.