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RPG_Example bugs : July 20

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  • RPG_Example bugs : July 20

    I just played this for a minute and I found a few bugs..

    1) Left clicking keeps saying "Ability not Active" (on the fire hero)
    2) Right clicking activates her skill (even though its her first skill)
    (ive been told the top 2 are known

    3) this error


    4) tooltips dont show


    5) I had two daggers on that pic

    I picked up the first dagger and had +95 damage
    I picked up the second and still had +95 damage
    I dropped the first and got +78 damage
    I picked the first back up and still had +78 dmg
    I dropped the second and had +95 damage again

    (i didn't wanna do pictures for all of those :/ )
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  • #2
    1) Lina is missing a key inside npc_abilities_custom.txt under fireball for "IsCastableWhileHidden" "1". Juggernaut has this for slash.
    For some reason they gave fireball 4 levels though like Juggernaut's slash used to have. You could alternatively remove the AbilityBehavior "DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_HIDDEN" and it would show up on the bar again and can be leveled up.

    2) Valve intentionally made the first ability hidden for both the heroes, to show off "IsCastableWhileHidden". They are essentially standard attacks, so it might make sense to hide them. They mention Juggernauts abilities scale with base damage as well as ability damage, most likely to accommodate the inability to level up that skill anymore, in addition to making skills continuously viable as you gain items.

    3) OnEntityKilled is being ran twice for each unit killed. The first time through, the ability exists. The second time through, it is nil. Wrapping everything after the declaration and initialization of the hAbility local variable with an "if hAbility ~= nil then ... end" except for the "return", will stop those errors from showing up for now. The multiple calls to this function does seem like a bug though.

    3.5) There is actually another bug, and error message, if you obtain one of the epic items, but then drop it and kill something with Lina's fireball, it causes her OnProjectileHit function to fail on the C function "ApplyDamage( damage )". Haven't had much chance to look into why this is happening. It may be a bad parameter being sent to that function.

    4) They didn't define anything in the resource file. Not sure if it's possible to even reference what the Lua ability does in the resource file currently. There are damage, lifesteal_on_kill, and mana_on_kill variables for those epic items, but I don't think there is a way to access them in the resource file. Normal items get there stats from the "AbilitySpecial" key in npc_items_custom.txt and the resource file references the names of the variables within "AbilitySpecial".

    5) I'm guessing that either the epic items are 1 for each named item or that the Lua items are currently broken as far as stacking bonuses go. Seems to work just like Bloodstone/Urn in normal Dota 2. Only one of them gains stacks and it is either the first one you pick up or the first one found in the inventory, don't remember which.