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[Suggestion] Add more illusion creation functionality

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  • [Suggestion] Add more illusion creation functionality


    Currently, creating illusions is a bit wonky, and presents us some difficulties, at least using the only method I know of:

    1. Spawn the illusion using CreateHeroByName(), based on the hero you're copying. At this point, the illusion is not considered an illusion yet, and spawns as a hero entity, which grants hero kill bounty on death, triggers OnHeroSpawn events, among other undesired behaviors.

    2. Make the unit an illusion by using MakeIllusion() and applying the "modifier_illusion" modifier, which controls outgoing/incoming damage modifiers, duration, etc.

    After those two steps, the unit is already considered an illusion (complete with the blue-ish illusion tint for allies), but depending on the behavior you expect out of your illusion-creating ability/item/condition, it still has several "flaws":

    - Its HP is full (instead of following the caster's);
    - It spawns without any cosmetics;
    - It does not inherit modifiers currently active on its owner (including modifiers which should be normally inherited by illusions);
    - It is level one;
    - All its abilities are unlearned;
    - It has no items;
    - It has no owning player;

    All of those issues can be fixed, but they demand a lot of tinkering with - especially modifier inheritance, and defining which abilities should work or not on spawned illusions.

    I'd suggest introducing a function somewhat like CreateIllusionFromUnit(table Properties), where the properties table would allow us to input things like:

    - handle Unit
    - handle Owner
    - vector SpawnPosition
    - bool InheritAbilities
    - bool InheritItems
    - bool InheritModifiers
    - bool InheritCurrentHP
    - float Duration
    - int BonusOutgoingDamage
    - int BonusIncomingDamage

    As illusion creation is such a staple of Dota since wc3, I think this would be useful for modmakers. What do you think?

    Best regards!

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