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[SUGGESTION/PLEA]Mouse locking/Mouse cursor position setting/Mouse motion delta event

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  • [SUGGESTION/PLEA]Mouse locking/Mouse cursor position setting/Mouse motion delta event

    As part of my custom game Slayers of the Ancients, I implemented a 3rd-person style camera for aiming and shooting. Everything works quite well with the currently exposed camera parameters (and manipulation of the dota_hide_cursor cvar to make the cursor invisible), but unfortunately, I can only detect when the cursor moves in order to change the camera pitch and yaw. If the mouse cursor reaches the screen edge, I can no longer tell that the user is moving their mouse in that direction, effectively creating a "maxed out" turn in that direction. See the following webm for a demonstration of the effect (as well as the panorama graphic I created to alert the user to this issue).

    This is obviously unlike how most players expect for a 3rd/1st person camera to operate. 1st/3rd person games typically either have access to the direct mouse movement deltas, or are able to lock the mouse position in the center of the screen and can therefore allow for a free rotation of the camera. I could perform the same action if I had the ability to read/perform those actions, or if I could simply set the cursor-screen position via panorama in order to gain more mouse motion.

    I know that this request is for a very specific issue which only impacts my game mode, and is likely to only impact my game mode for the near future. I also know that it's possible that exposing this functionality is difficult or even potentially hazardous to expose to custom games developers, but it is unfortunately the #1 playability issue that players experience in my game, and a difficult obstacle which I have found no way to overcome directly through the existing APIs. If however it is possible and reasonable to expose some function or capability that allows me to overcome this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your consideration on this matter,