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Extract MMR (History)

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  • Extract MMR (History)

    Hey guys,

    I got 2 questions for you.

    1) Id like to make some analysis on my MMR change over time, is there any way of automatically extracting my MMRs from dota 2 reborn? I know one can use the Dota API to get a lot of information about played matches, is there something similar to get my own MMR history? Since I can technically go into dota2 and the MMR after each game is shown, I could write/copy the numbers manually, but is there a way of automatically extracting the MMRs somehow?

    2) What would be an easy way to extract my current MMR? Dotabuff for instance can qry MMR instantaneously, what does one have to do to extract it (assuming it is shown in the profile)?

    Thanks for any anwswers

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    If you hide your matches, play 100 matches and expose them again and look at your personal Dotabuff's MMR graph you will see a jump. Dotabuff have bots that pretend to be Dota 2 clients. You add a bot and it tracks your current MMR. Only you have access to the MMR gain/loss information so it won't be able to track your past results. They can extrapolate the result based on ranked wins and losses but it is not accurate.

    I provided two links. These could be the foundation of your program. I'm not experienced in that field so I won't be able to give any pointers. If you aren't a capable programmer it would be faster to do it manually.

    You could just let a website track your MMR (by signing up for it and keeping the bot as a friend). Then you have a graph on their website. Then you can look at the source code of the website and get the values from there. But again it does not track past results.
    But you still need to know how to program if you want it to insert the values automatically but it is a lot easier.
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      Thanks for the answer. I know dotabuff can not read out past MMR values, only the current one. I can program a bit, so if there is some way, for instance like the DOTA API, to read out the data that would be sufficient. Your suggestion using a third party website to extract the data and copy it from them sounds good, only I would like to be independent and read it directly out of dota.

      I read the first link you wrote and it seems that they spoof a dota client to grab the data. Thats rather complicated to me as I only want to get the MMR. Anway I will look into it in more detail when I find time. If someone else knows a way to read out MMR let me know!