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Solo queue only switch is missing

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  • Solo queue only switch is missing

    I'm in Europe and ever since you removed the solo queue switch I can't play a decent game.

    1) Your arranged team match-make is atrocious. I understand this is a difficult problem with disparate team compositions and such, but it's not MY problem. Removing the solo queue switch to ensure match making time for groups IS NOT a solution, it's just plain lazy. It simply ruins the game for solo people who used to enjoy it.
    2) You count four reports from four-man arranged teams as four reports. That's just bullshit. I would avoid those four Russians if I could, but I can't because dota is missing an important setting. Instead I'm regularly in low-pri queue for obviously comm abuse, reported by players that don't speak English, but joined an English server. Why? Cuz screw that solo guy!
    3) Even if I get English speaking teams there's still a >50% chance that they ignore the draft lane selection phase and do their own thing in an outside voice service. Oh and then I get reported again, for being the odd man out.

    THIS IS NOT FUN. If I want to queue solo because none of my friends are remotely as good as I am and I want a fun challenging game: LET ME. Put the solo queue switch back in.

  • #2
    1) It's not about being lazy but about not splitting the player pool. Considering MMR this is more balanced for solo players too. Obviously it causes a lot of other issues that solo queue avoids and a lot of people therefore want it back.
    2) This is just wrong. Four reports from a four-man stack count as a single report as previously stated and again proven by the conduct report.
    3) You can't avoid that, as people can always do what they want no matter which mode or format.

    Anyway, you're probably searching for . Don't want to merge it considering only a small part of your post belongs in there.
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.