Basically, there is a folder which is called "lua_ability_example" where you can find some usefull stuff when trying to do something with either "ability_lua" or "item_lua" as a "BaseClass", the only problem is that there is NOT enough informations.

My suggestion is simple, make an example for each mechanic in Dota 2 ;
- Daedalus for the Critical Hit mechanic.
- Blur for the Evasion.
- Skull Basher for the Bash.
- And the list goes on...

The problem right now is that we kinda HAVE to use some weird ways to get the best result when trying to do a certain mechanic, for example, the critical hit mechanic ; We need 2 modifiers, the first being the bonus damage and the chance trigger, the second being the actual critical damage modifier, that's weird and unecessary.
Daedalus should only have 1 modifier which is "modifier_item_greater_crit", while with this way, we need 2.
Another problem with this is that the function PerformAttack() (PA's Dagger, ES's SoF, ...) DOESN'T proc the OnAttackStart() event making ANY crit made with the previous way useless, 'cause it uses OnAttackStart() (It won't ever proc).

So, with all that said, thanks anyone who knows / wants to actually do that.
PS:I know Spell Library, the double-modifier crit comes from there

tl;dr : Volvo, pls giff more lua examples for each mechanic in-game, thanks.