I have been wagering and winning games since this week and i have always tipped on other players. Just yesterday i have noticed that by checking on the achievements tab on the Winter 2017 Battle Pass, the number of tips i have given which are recorded is stuck at 27 (this number did not change from last week). I cross-checked on the Battle Point Log under the Home tab and it shows that I have never tipped once for this week. Please fix this, I am aiming at finishing the "Tip 50 players across your games" achievement and I am more than half-way there.

Also, I just finished a game using the hero on my Daily Hero Challenge (Centaur) and I also wagered. I won and when I looked at the Quests tab, it didn't put a check mark on the daily quest and the values for the weekly challenges also did not update. When I checked the Battle Point Log, it only logged the wager win.
Match ID: 3066799455

User ID: 215999679

This is for Winter 2017 Battle Pass