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internetional ranked gaves me 200 mmr. what is going on?

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  • internetional ranked gaves me 200 mmr. what is going on?

    It's my main account - ( More than 400 games on steam, more than 1500 played games and 57 lvl in Dota and many in-game items which can't be transferred. Here i have 300 mmr. (first calibration when you got 20 lvl. yeah, that was my mistake)
    Than I've got the new account, played on this acc and got 1800 mmr.
    I did not play seriously, յust to find out my mmr more 300. 10 loses games and 1800 mmr with 10 ruined games. not good, but fine for the gamer who plays dota one year. ( you can check the games and ip adresses.
    And days ago, I bought the batlle pass to recalibrate my mmr.

    1st game - 5/8/8 on slark. I was waiting for the classic 300 mmr players, but they was more harder. (this game was on 500 mmr) (match id: 3162520204)

    2nd game - 10/3/15 on viper. (this game was on 700 mmr) (match id: 3162611270)

    3rd game - 2/9/8 on doom. I dont want to coomment this. When Im using doom on someone team is here, everyone need to steal my frag, but when we need to def, im alone) (game was on 1300mmr) (match id: 3164299264)

    4th game- 15/6/25 on viper (game was on 700 mmr) again solo game. team feeds. (match id: 3164337565)

    and after this system decide dont pick up my mmr. maybe 8.3 kda with feeders is fatal?

    5th game - 12/12/15 on phantom assasin. its the worst fail. just when you go to easy lane, buy last pick juggernaut want to farm here too. i get the hard line against viper and lc with useless earth spirit who absolutely dont want to use any spells. after 2-3 deaths i start to farm the jungle. (match id: 3164463386)

    6th game- 9/4/19 on necrophos. again with feeders. (match id: 3164554343)

    7th game - 3/3/3 on riki. just look at the scoreboard. 0-24 alchemist, 0-8 tinker, 1-11 wd, 4-8 ww. (match id: 3164643908)

    8th game - 8/4/14 on viper. (match id: 3164692295)

    9th game - 12/0/14 on necrophos. (match id: 3164885863)

    10th game- 14/4/28 on necrophos. (match id: 3164950975)

    After this game system gives 200 mmr (its lower than mmr of this acc) i know my mistake was pick of doom and playing for the victory. i know. i must to win with feeders 0-24. guys whats going on ? just tell me why ?
    I do not want to give up and switch to to another profile. Already a lot of energy, nerves and a lot of money I had put into this account. Also I don't want to order mmr boost. I will lift it myself. I just want you to give me good advices or other support to find way out, as a developer to client.
    Thank You.
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    no replies. thank u!


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      Just looked at the Slark game:

      314 Gold per Minute
      421 XP per Minute

      4 Minutes for brown boots... What have you done? Stop watching porn whilst playing, lol
      14 Minutes Treads (As a 4K player, I get these around 4-6 minutes)
      26 !! Minutes for Shadow Blade (typical is 10-14 minutes on 4K MMR)

      Last hits at 10 minutes: 11 ( 50 is normal on 4K )

      Dude, you really need to improve your last hitting and resource usage (neutral camps, bounty runes etc.).

      Don't max out Pounce, lol

      Data taken from:


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        1800 MMR is more for you it should have been 500MMR