I can see here on forums, most of these accounts posted here have proof of cheating, with videos and replays, but they have no Ban on them, at all. Well played, you really do care for your community.
Its good to know that cheaters get really little control from you, so they can go around and do as they will, hack, and ruin other people games. I reported around 100 accounts in my 5k+ hours spent in dota, and i keep all of match id's on my pc. I have checked some of the accounts few days back, and they still have no bans on them, a some of those accounts were reported a year ago, and more. I reported them with pictures, Match id's, links to youtube i made, specific replay timing where you can see cheats, and so on..but fuck it. If you ban cheaters, from who will you get money then?
Why do you even have a "report cheater" feature if you dont care nor look into it?

No wonder you lost 500k players in past year.