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Suggestion for New Hero: By Community Participant: ☆ BezzzoR ☆

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  • Suggestion for New Hero: By Community Participant: ☆ BezzzoR ☆

    ☆ BezzzoR ☆ has Dota 2 9 hours ago
    Khagan (Sentinel, Melee, Strength)

    Khagan is a Khan of Khans, he is from a warlike tribe of nomads, inhabiting and instilling fear in the neighboring tribes of the great steppe.
    The ancient people wrote in historical scrolls when the conquerors attacked the steppe tribes with the aim of conquering these lands, were very surprised how people so skillfully galloped on horseback, shot with high precision with a bow, and so fearlessly rushed into battle. The conquerors had never seen a man who rides on horseback. And in surprise, at first they thought that they were centaurs, with the body of a man, with their legs lying. Because a man for the first time, by tribes of the great steppe, managed to curb a horse and teach a horse to go into battle with its master.
    His goal is war and conquer new lands.
    But when the eternal war began with the dead, he could not participate, otherwise, sooner or later, the war would have reached his land. War is his life.

    1) Qyran (active: R)
    Khagan sends a warhawk to the fleeing enemy, the hawk bites the enemy, thereby slowing him down and doing some damage. Not receptive to magic. Hawk can be released to patrol in a certain area for 15 seconds, at the sight of the enemy the hawk makes a peculiar sound.
    If a hawk notices other small prey besides the hero, it hits him like a prey and leads to its Khagan (enemy courier, bounty rune, Necromicon - summons (Nature's Prophet - Creeps; Enigma - Eidolons; Visage - Familiars; Lycan - Wolves)

    I) deals 70 damage per bite
    Reduces 5 movement speeds per bite
    It has a 20% dodge chance.
    Has 110 health
    It has 550 movement speed

    II) deals 100 damage per bite
    Reduces 15 movement speeds per bite
    Has a 30% dodge chance
    Has 140 health
    Has 650 movement speed

    III) deals 130 damage per bite
    Reduces 25 movement speeds per bite
    Has 40% chance to dodge a blow
    Has 170 health
    It has 750 movement speed

    IIII) deals 160 damage per bite
    Reduces 35 movement speeds per bite
    Has a 50% dodge chance
    Has 200 health
    Has 850 movement speed

    Cooldown - 30/25/20/15 seconds Manacost - 80 mana

    2) Besqaru (active - switch: F)
    Khagan masterfully owns all military weapons. During the battle can change weapons depending on the situation and on the opposing enemy.

    Almas qylysh - the sword is designed for close fight, qylysh - is a very sharp weapon, with each blow the defense of the enemy loses its strength for 3 seconds. (mode - strength)
    I) -0.3 armor for each hit
    II) -0.6 armor for each hit
    III) -0.9 armor for each hit
    IIII) -1.2 armor for each hit

    Nayza - a spear is designed to fight an average distance - 300 range (Monkey Kings attack range), has a chance to stick into the enemy on through if the enemy approaches very close, thereby immobilizing the opponent for 1.45 seconds and inflicting additional damage. (mode - strength)
    I) 18% Chance and 40 bonus damage
    Ii) 24% Chance and 60 bonus damage
    III) 30% Chance and 80 bonus damage
    Iv) 36% Chance and 100 bonus damage

    Sadaq - bow is designed for ranged combat. Ownership of bows in nomads is honed to the highest level, they rarely miss. (mode - agility)
    I) + 40% accuracy
    II) + 55% accuracy
    III) + 70% accuracy
    IIII) + 85% accuracy

    3) Qalqan (passively)
    The shield has a chance to block strong and unexpected strikes.
    (critical strike,
    any stunning strike,
    first strike dealt with invisibility,
    Tusk's Walrus PUNCH! and Walrus Kick!,
    Legion commander's - Moment of Courage,
    Spirit Breaker's - Greater Bash,
    Slardar's - Bash of the Deep,
    Faceless Void's - Time Lock,
    Bounty Hunter's - Jinada, etc.)

    I) +2 armor
    + 15% Chance to Blocked Strength hit
    2) +4 armor
    + 20% Chance to blocked strength hit
    3) +6 armor
    + 25% Chance to blocked strength hit
    4) +8 armor
    + 30% Chance to blocked strength hit

    4) Batyr (active: T)
    Khagan - enters a trance state during the battle, becoming a strong and ruthless batyr!
    (during the activation of the ability to battle cry - "Aruaq!" Must be heard clearly and loudly)

    In mode - Almas qylysh (strength)
    I) +45 bonus damage
    + 25% Chance to critical strike 1,45x
    II) +80 bonus damage
    + 25% Chance to critical strike 1.95x
    Iii) +115 bonus damage
    + 25% Chance to critical strike 2.45x

    In mode - Nayza (strength)
    I) +50 attack speed
    + 40% splash damage
    Ii) +70 attack speed
    + 60% splash damage
    III) + 90% attack speed
    + 80% splash damage

    In mode - Sadaq (agility)
    I) +50 attack speed
    +110 attack range

    Ii) +70 attack speed
    +160 attack range

    III) +90 attack speed
    +210 attack range

    Cooldown: 90/70/50 seconds
    Manacost: 80/140/200 mana
    Duration: 8/13/18 seconds


    10 LEVEL
    1) +5 hp regeneration
    2) +55 movement speed

    15 LEVEL
    1) 15 strength
    2) 15 agility

    20 LEVEL
    1) + 15% lifesteal
    2) -25 seconds to rebirth after death

    25 LEVEL
    1) + 2x damage
    2) +1 chance to choose not selected
    one of the talents