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Request for a new (hidden?) ultra-high shadow setting on cl_globallight_shadow_mode

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  • Request for a new (hidden?) ultra-high shadow setting on cl_globallight_shadow_mode

    cl_globallight_shadow_mode currently has 4 levels which map to the in-game shadow setting, 0 being none, 3 being ultra. I'd love to see a new fourth level that increases the global shadow resolution to the next power of two—and maybe even a fifth level? It would make scenes with a long nearz <-> farz distance a lot easier to manage. It wouldn't have to be exposed in the in-game video options menu, just accessible with the console variable

  • #2
    There's a new commandline option that should do the trick: (where <size> is one of 1024, 2048, 4096, or 8192)
    -tools_sun_shadow_size <size>


    • #3
      Oh my gosh, thank you so much! This has been one of my biggest issues for ages, I'm so happy you added this control. From quick testing it seems like it's possible to cover a distance of ~15000 with even low angle lights (the one I'm testing things out with is sitting at only 36 degrees above the horizon).

      Here's a couple of screenshots for people:

      Being able to cover a distance of 14000 is huge.

      But it turns out it's even better than that... covering the entire Dota map (as the default camera settings do) looks decent now:

      I'm spotting some flickering where faces of models become partially black (this is a scene that covers a distance of about 3K):

      I remember seeing a similar behaviour when I tried making a global light that had an angle of exactly 90° — I think it really doesn't like faces that are "coplanar" with the light source? In this specific case, raising r_dota_ultra_slopescaledepthbias to ~10 eliminated the flickering, and depth of field made it fade away as well (I guess as the camera shifts around for the samples, it picks up on enough ones that don't show those faces as black). This is a very minor issue, and definitely easily workable around, as far as I can tell.
      Last edited by MaxOfS2D; 08-01-2018, 07:29 PM.


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        Hello again, I'd like to come out swinging with a request related to this: would it be possible to add a control (command-line or otherwise) that could control the "filter size" / blur applied to the global light shadow?

        That way we'd have shadows that don't look too sharp, but which still benefit from the maximum allowed resolution, and would therefore look very temporally stable!

        (My dream would be to also have the radius feature on the global light as well but that might be a lot to ask...!)