Some props in certain tile sets (such as the Gardens or the Cavern) have props that are set to hide themselves using nice dithering while in-game, so that Valve artists could have nice environmental flourish that does crazy things without obscuring the screen.

However, this behaviour doesn't really work with SFM. The props simply don't show up.

By collapsing tiles, we can see the properties of these mysterious disappearing props.

I believe this is probably the culprit?

However, I tried making my own copy of the tileset, removing the flag from all entities accordingly, then using that tileset in my map... but they were still hidden.

The workaround that was successful was changing their class from prop_dynamic_client_fadeout to prop_static.

However, I think it'd be pretty neat if this behaviour was fixed at the source, or if we had something with an option to just make them show up... perhaps next to this already-existing option?