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Feature request: position-only / orientation-only constraint

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  • Feature request: position-only / orientation-only constraint

    I'd love to have the ability to link the position / rotation of one object to the other. Right now it doesn't seem to be possible to do this unless you create a copy of the desired source, cancel either pos/rot manually, *then* link.

    For example, if I want to do perspective fakery tricks, I have to copy my camera first, cancel its rotation, THEN link my scenery to that copy of the camera. And if I change anything about the position of the original path, I have to redo these steps again.

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    Have you tried using a position-only (or rotation-only) lock?

    If you haven't, try dragging the control that you want to be the parent onto just the pos (or rot) subcontrol that you want to be the child. You can then zero-out the animation on the child pos (or rot) subcontrol, and it'll follow just the position (or rotation) of the parent.


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      This does work as an orientation-only constraint, you're right! Sorry for missing that.

      However, for the purposes of a position-only constraint, the rotation of object A still affects the position of object B, which makes it, in the situation I've described, no more practical. Unless there's something I'm missing or misunderstanding?

      Here's a short video that shows what I mean...

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        You're right - the position-only lock causes the position of the child to be locked in the space of the parent, (so you can place the child at a specific point on the parent and have it move with it, but have its rotation be independent) whereas a global-space position constraint causes the global position to match the global position of the parent, independent of either of their rotations.

        While they're on my general todo list, I don't have a specific plan to reimplement position/rotation/parent/aim constraints in source2 in the short term, so I'm afraid you'll have to work around them as you've been doing.

        Sometimes there are ways of keeping position animation on a bone at one level of the hierarchy, and rotation animation on another level of the hierarchy that allow you to change the behavior of position-only and rotation-only locks, but that's obviously harder with cameras. Depending upon how painful your current workflow is, you could try locking the cameras to different bones in a hierarchy on a dummy model, and animate the dummy model to try to get the effect you're trying for... It'd be a hack, but it might(?) get you the effect you want with some fiddling.


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          No prob, thanks for the insight