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Better fog interaction with skyboxes?

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  • Better fog interaction with skyboxes?

    The built-in skybox support is awesome but it's currently not super useful in a lot of scenarios, because they are completely affected by the camera-based fog.

    Because of this, I still often rely on my own sky domes, with a little material trick that makes them completely ignore the fog. (This is sometimes not too ideal either because they will ignore volumetric lights as well.)

    I wonder if there may be similar workarounds available for the skybox elements, but I was unable to use material overrides on them, so I have no idea.

    I do think it'd be really useful to have more settings/sliders associated to them by default. I am most notably thinking of these settings from ent_dota_lightinfo:

    And, perhaps even just a sort of "master fog strength", where 0.0 lets a skydome be completely unaffected by fog, 1.0 current behaviour, and you can fine tune that way.

    (The dream scenario would an overhaul of the system to use spherical harmonics, but I understand it's very much not likely to happen )
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