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Purchased battle pass levels before the battle pass and levels didnīt work

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  • Purchased battle pass levels before the battle pass and levels didnīt work

    Hello, I made a purchase of battle pass levels before the battle pass, Now I can not find the levels anywhere. Am I eligible for refund to buy it again? Or would it be added to my account? Thank you!

  • #2
    Hello guys,

    I have made the same mistake, and now I have the same questions as OP.
    Hopefully the issue can be resolved in a way that does not require to rebuy the levels. That would be a bummer

    Thank you for your time and help


    • #3
      This steam support dont care bout our problems. same w/me..

      Please steam support help us w/ our problems..


      • #4

        I would really appreciate a response from the Dota2 devs to help us on this matter.
        It has been "almost" a month without any response or reaction since the OP.
        Maybe this is the wrong board for the issue - a dedicated Battlepass/level issue board would be nice i guess - since i found various posts in various boards on similar topics related to the Battlepass.

        Again, I hope that it is possible to apply the already bought levels without having to buy them again.

        Some thoughts:

        In my opinion it should not be possible for the consumer to try to apply the levels to a non existing Battlepass. I feel like this should be prevented by the shop/game in the first place.
        Especially since the current consequence seems to be loss of the bought levels and therefore a loss of money.
        When i tried to apply the levels i got a popup that displayed some text that i could not read entirely because part of the overflowing text was cut of and represented with "...". I tried hovering the mouse over the text but that did not help. Further i could not find a button or any similar element that would indicate an underlying action that displays the full text of that popup. Maybe there is something to display the full text but i could not find it - this might very well be my fault.

        tldr: A dedicated "Battlepass/levels issues" board would be nice.
        It should still be possible to buy levels as a gift if you don't have your own Battlepass but it should not ne possible to apply them to a non existing Battlepass.

        Thank you for your time and help


        • #5
          Im having the same issue
          Ive bought 24 lvl battle pass and i just cant open it.
          ive tried a lot of times and i just cant open it
          Sem título.png

          I click on that and it wont open.
          Please, help me.
          I want to buy the new offer, but im not sure if I will get that.


          • #6
            Im Having an issue Regarding The BattlePass Sale.
            i was about to buy the Battle Level Bundle but i was at the payment page and we had a sudden power blackout.
            as soon as i comeback from the game to see what happened it said i cannot buy the Battle Pass Bundle anymore but i didnt even get passed the microtransactions no battle pass bundle was handed out or money getting taken



            • #7

              could someone please respond!!
              wtf is this shit

              Ok, I just found out that the levels where still sitting in my inventory. So they where not gone and i could activate them.
              Last edited by 4rmmie; 07-24-2016, 10:19 AM.


              • #8
                well, I bought some battlepass book lv 50, and I alredy have battlepass lv 73, so I consume the new one, and its say that its worth for 64k compendium point, but when I accept that, the book was gone, and I got nothing from that consume.....
                can someone help me or explain about it??


                • #9
                  Don`t worry... if you paid... it`s good... now go solve your problems somewhere else... because isn`t that interesting what you write here..

                  this is exactly what they thing.. they are a low people comunity.. i posted something too this days... and same... no answer... no nothing.. as long as they get milions from this "game" ... and they don`t improve problems... they only come with new things to make more money of course... bugs and other stuffs.. yeah... you know..

                  Pathetic people... pathetic developers... pathetic testers.. pathetic bug report forum ... most probably with pathetic owners.. start earn some money and forgot about comunity.. same like politicians ( when they are up there.. people are just a small detail ... doesn`t matter anymore that side )