Hi all,

I recently made this tool to programmatically create hero grid layouts with tier lists from spectral.gg stats.

I am interested in making a tool to pull information from Dota 2 Pro Tracker's hero build information to create guides. This would be a super helpful thing for players who don't play often to keep track of the meta within the game. Wat, the creator of D2PT expressed interest in doing this if it were possible as well.

Feature Request:
Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there isn't a way to edit guides and have them update within the game programmatically. I don't mind creating the files in VDF format and such as it is currently implemented, but it would be nice if the guides from "STEAM_INSTALL\userdata\USERID\570\remote\guid es" would be loaded into the game when they are created and possibly updated if there are changes in the format.