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DOTA crypto currency used in game instead of gold, hear me out!

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  • DOTA crypto currency used in game instead of gold, hear me out!

    We have seen the adoption of crypto currency in gaming AKA axis infinity and it has been a huge success in terms of increasing player base and providing incentives for people to play the game.
    What I suggest is having a game mode in dota which a player can purchase a Dota cryptocurrency to play, this provides funds which can be earned by people playing the game, you can take this cryptocurrency from enemy players by killing them, taking towers, killing roshan ect.
    This incentivizes players to play together cooperatively in order to earn dota crypto, and de-incentivizes non action, for example, if you take a tower, you earn a bit of dota crypto as a percentage of that towers max hp, so if I deal 60% of the tower hp and my lane partner did 40% then we both earn the reward but I earn more since I did more damage, a similar thing can be set up for killing heroes based on the time you were engaged in combat with that hero, so kill stealing isn't an issue.

    The dota crypto used to buy in to play the match is distributed out to the players who do the most work throughout the match, so if one player on the losing side did a lot in terms of killing enemy players or taking enemy objectives he will still earn a decent amount of dota crypto despite being on the losing side, this gives the losing side a reason to not give up and play the match through wholeheartedly.

    you should also earn a bit of dota crypto for winning the match incentivizing the win and any dota crypto still remaining in the pool (the dota crypto used to join the match) at game end.
    This also allows spectators to TIP players dota crypto for good plays and donating to the pool in the form of betting which side will win in order to raise the overall price of the reward pool, so the players can be rewarded more from actions in game and the spectators betting can earn dota crypto for correctly choosing which side win, incorrectly betting will lose dota crypto, but correctly guessing the outcome will give the initial bet plus 50% to the spectator, This makes dota games self sustaining in terms of making money and allows players to make a living playing dota if they are good enough to win.

    I hope a developer reads this and takes it to heart as it could start a fire under Dota2 and launch it into the forefront of a billion dollar gaming revolution and because its based on cryptocurrency, the price of the dota crypto coins or VALVE coins if you will, will increase and can be bought and held just like any other cryptocurrency, you could also use any crypto already in existence, bitcoin, Ethereum, ECT.