Hello again, I have a few CTDs to report concerning "Render grid" and its usage!

First CTD happened while I was attempting to switch to "Emit continuously" from "Emit instantaneously" on a particle system that had a grid being actively rendered. I could not reproduce this crash, but I know it was tied to the usage of "Emit continuously" in some erroneous fashion.

Crash dump - crash_dota2.exe_20160618193010_1.zip

Next couple of CTDs happened when the particle system was active and I had changed "number of columns in grid" or "number of rows in grid" to a low number (such as 1) or to a high number (such as 100). This is reproducible with the settings I have provided below (all other settings on all functions apart from the ones below are default for the particle system).

Here are a few screenshots of the properties of the functions that were used for this particle:

Overall properties and Positions in grid:

Oscillate vector:

Movement Cloth:

Second crash dump - crash_dota2.exe_20160618200801_1.zip