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Suggestions: Regarding LP (Behavior score) and Commend/Report time range

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  • Suggestions: Regarding LP (Behavior score) and Commend/Report time range

    The commend/report after game should only be there for a limited about of time, maybe like 48 hours max or less (I suggest 24 hours). Why I suggest/used 24/48 hours is because I feel like that is a enough time frame for a game to be reviewed by whomever someone wants to from and/or more than enough time to watch and analyse the replay yourself.

    There should not be a way to double report, during in game and after. I do very much feel like 'after' the game is a better time to allow it though but we should definitely be able to still stay after game to talk with each other so maybe leave us in a default last game chat in the lobby that auto closes when we found a new game (or we have the option to leave it before then) or allow us to still chat in game after the boards/compendium/etc.

    Regarding the behavior score, I think this idea will definitely bring up less posts in the LP complain thread and how it is somewhat complete bullshit for many. If many of you do not know, I have found out recently, on reddit, that there is a way to see your behavior score in console, I quote "DrQuint" on a reddit post, pointed out that you can see the "player_behavior_score_last_report" value, which can be called your "Toxic MMR." Ranging from 0 to 10,000, the figure presumably indicates the segment of the Dota 2 community you fit in as a nice and friendly player. The closer your value is to 10,000, you are more likely to be matched with nice teammates. A number greater than 6000 means you are more likely to avoid feeders, abandoners and ragers. This does not mean it is 100% going to keep you away from them but just that you'll see LESS! Some can argue about it all they want but this makes sense and i'll be eager and want to see someone under the 5k toxic mmr and see how their games go compared to a 9k+ toxic mmr.

    Allow a way to increase this number in a more fair way. I suggest commends as 1 way to improve behavior score but make it so that it only works in solo queue and that friends on your buddy list within the past X time(suggest 48 hours) not count towards this. Why I suggest this time and only solo queue? Because it can easily get abused. Off course the main way to increase your behavior score should be to average out more games and be a better player. I am fully aware that more games already helps your toxic mmr but by how much really? Can we get some answers? Many of us really want to get back up there and out of this mmr hell. Don't make it like elo hell where one is stuck for months and months to possibly get out. It's really hard to get out when we only get more toxic players at this level.

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    please volvo


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      I also notice "post game" chat is buggy. After you leave game, the chat is empty until maybe after 10+ seconds then everyone loads into it? Or is it because not everyone exited game yet?


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        Iso: better report system?


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          The chat post game still is not instant


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            anyone devs really read these forums?


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              I was about to post this thing..
              At least, they should change the current game post system. It prevents us from reporting a player because it blocks our click except for Continue button. And its annoying


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                Originally posted by xekaiforce View Post
                I was about to post this thing..
                At least, they should change the current game post system. It prevents us from reporting a player because it blocks our click except for Continue button. And its annoying
                They moved it to post game where there is a big commend/report button on the top right of them.. or you can still do it before the game ends.. but yeah, it's annoying that after the game ends, you can only click continue... imo, the old way is better but the post game is fine. We did needed a way to view more indepth details of the game but jamming everything into post game was not the way to do it.. especially hate the post game chat where it doesn't fully load everyone into it until they leave the game and/or has a small delay even after they leave the game.. that can just be me though because my pc sucks