Edit: I am no longer experiencing this now. Must have been related to something else on my end. Delete thread if you like.

Hello, I believe there is a memory leak related to the asset browser.
Normally when using the asset browser to view and edit particles my memory usage sits somewhere around 1.5~2 GB in use.
However on viewing storm spirit's static remnant particle (Specifically "particles/units/heroes/hero_stormspirit/stormspirit_static_remnant_image.vpcf") my ram usage increases indefinitely until Windows crashes the game.

To replicate the leak.

1. Open dota2 workshop tools.
2. Search for the following particle asset: "particles/units/heroes/hero_stormspirit/stormspirit_static_remnant_image.vpcf"
3. Click on the particle in the asset browser to start the particle in the "preview" panel.

This is all that is needed for me to replicate the leak. Please let me know if you guys are getting this as well.

I'm using win10 x64, according to the workshop tools "about" info, I'm using Build Number: 7214, Built From Changelist: 3588423.