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Strange Item Just Ate My Modifier And Shows Nothing....

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  • Strange Item Just Ate My Modifier And Shows Nothing....

    My Strange Pirate Slayer's Tricorn (which has the Kills counter, and a Enemies Gushed counter) ate my Quad Ravage modifier and does not have the counter on the item!

    What is going on? Will I get the Modifier applied in the future?

  • #2
    same problem

    i just bought first-blood modifier and add it to my Runed Ailettes
    but it still show 3 modifier and my 1st blood modifier was disappeared ..

    tower destroy
    rosh kills
    godlike sprees
    first blood << disappeared

    maybe 1st blood out of row that make me waste first blood for free
    can i returned it ?


    • #3
      Very happy to know this is not just me, I bought a strange mod: gold spent last night and it didn't work, I used it really fast so I thought I may have been a bit retarded and deleted it by rushing, so I bought another two keys and got another one, didn't work again. Played a game with my new furion strange set after that and it didn't track kills, trees destroyed or the victroy. Really frustrated.


      • #4
        it seems the new patch and the new items have affected our strange items and modifiers

        help us plz !!


        • #5
          +1, total same problem ! Dear devs, resolve this before adding more things on dota2


          • #6
            after update 26.07.2013 the same problem(( more than 300+ kills not recorded ;((((( hate last update and non answering support


            • #7
              Same here I just spent 8 keys to get first blood mod, godlike mod and sunstrike kills mod. I used it in my strange hood and its not showing.


              • #8
                Please also write a ticket here:

                They can get your item back.
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                • #9
                  What should I select under category?


                  • #10
                    Same happened to me with void multi chrono and chrono kill :/


                    • #11
                      My Silvan Guard's Cape not count kill :/


                      • #12
                        problem Strange Modifier: Wards Purchased - The problem is that I put this modifier shoulders Invoker, but it in the thing itself, this modifier is not present ... Hope to correct the issue, the modifier's just very hard to get.


                        • #13
                          Same thing happened to me today. Invisible jinda strikes on my strange Shuriken. Very disappointing. Please help!


                          • #14
                            Yeah, my Wards Place Modifier got eaten.


                            • #15
                              Same for me my chronosphere kills mod disappeared when i applied it to my hood.