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Nightwatcher bugs

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  • Nightwatcher bugs

    Just a couple of issues with my Nighwatcher set that was just released this last Monday (september 23)

    When the Skywrath spawns with the set on There's an explosion of red X particles. The same is true when an illusion spawns, or when youu trade heroes with an ally in the beginning of the match. I've seen this before in other games with other items, though I'm not sure what the cause is.
    (it was also visible to an ally when the game started so it's not strictly local to my machine)

    I'm going to start games with one piece of the set on at a time to try and narrow down exactly which item is causing the problem.

    The skin weights on the LOD 0 of the belt are pretty wonky. If it's something I can fix and just update the files through the workshop I have no problem with doing it, but i don't know how common a practice this is. It's not a gamebreaking issue or anything.

    I don't want to start a new thread in the store bugs for this, so i'll just do it here.

    Even though the items were accepted in June, and added in that month's patch, they didn't actually reach the shop until the end of September.
    Rather than receiving a position on the front of the store page with the rest of the "new" items it was nestled deep into the store - hiding from anybody not actually looking for it. The icon didn't even get a "new" label on it.

    If I sort by release date it's two or three pages back, with the rest of the items added in June, even though it wasn't actually accessible until now.

    I don't want to come off as whiny or ungrateful - I'm not all that concerned about it's store placement, really. The only reason i'm worried is on account of the latest decision to remove items from the store after 6 months. If the store is sorting my items in like they were added 3 months ago, then I want to be sure that the set won't get pulled from the store after just 3 months of sales.

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    the explosion of red xs is because you have a "Self Made" version. They haven't added the particles for self made items yet (yea... just a bit delayed lol), so it's just red xs for now.


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      well that makes sense thanks


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        Btw, really cool set, and nice to see Skywrath Mage getting some more love. Thanks OP.