My strange (Inscribed) Juggernaut sword had 1,478 kills on it and a tag for tower kills, and it was signed by Weppas. The signature is fine, the tower kills are fine, but the kill counter is no longer a kill counter after the three spirits patch, rather it has been replaced with a games viewed counter, which says "games viewed: 1,478". I have played a game since the patch with the sword and I can't get anymore kills to track on it, though the tower kills appear to have updated.

Edit: In the Dota 2 client, it appears the sword has 1,478 games viewed and the other stats are as they should be. From the steam inventory view, the item has one game viewed and two towers destroyed.

Dota 2 Client Inventory item screenshot: dota2clientscreenshot2.png

Steam Inventory item screenshot: steaminventoryscreenshot1.png