I am not sure what made this happen. I was playing Diretide , then leveled up , and got 4-5 items at the end. Then I went to the Armory to sort my inventory so that everything is neat and sorted, but when I click on any of the sorting options (Example : Sort by; Rarity , Hero , Type) It just wont sort itself.. I tried verifying game cache , reinstalled , exiting Steam and relog-in again.. Still does'nt work.. Does anyone know how to fix this? / Is this a bug that already happened before? / Or is it even a bug? I really don't know. Please tell me what do you think , and what should I do?

If you want to contact me on Steam , Username : dtrix3281 / |=[FLT]=| MatriX

EDIT 1 :

And Also the "Build" tab at the Library, Instead of showing your custom hero Builds, it brought me to Steam homepage. I really hope someone can tell me whats going on!

EDIT 2 :

Reinstalling again, hopefully it works this time.. Will tell if it works

Results : Did not work.. Still bugged. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME REINSTALLING. I guess Im just gonna wait till DotA2 (Valve and Blizzard) sees this and fixes it..