I found some bugs from the new Arcana for Legion Commander;

The ''Exalted'' tag/quality will disappear if you rename the item.

The Gem ''Rune of the Duelist Indomitable'' doesn't records at all.

Some of her voice line are not altered, i actually found one bug when she says Desolator (i guess there are more un-altered voice lines).

Her in game portrait is bugged and shows the base skin.
(Note: this bug seems to appear only if you watch someone else wearing the item.)

Bugged Portrait:

She is supposed to look like this:

People who buy the arcana earlier get the ''exalted'' quality of this item, but its not really visible.
It should have a diffrent text colour to make it better conspicuous.
Because you can get the same exalted quality if you rename the normal arcana with a name changing tool. (People could easily fake the quality with this.)