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Cristal Maiden Yulsaria's Glacier Immortal Item BUG

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  • #16
    Originally posted by Magusmensis View Post
    Wow do you guys even READ? The Kinetic gem has NOTHING to do with the nova spell animation. It is just for CM's casting animation (the movement she makes when she casts the spell). The new crystal nova effect is tied to the immortal so you HAVE to wear the immortal to get the new nova effect. All the immortals last year were similar and even this year not all immortals have kinetic gems (they still have a unique effect for spells, but they do not change the movement/animation the character does when casting the spell). It was not that hard to figure out.
    Complaining is easier than reading, duh. Why bother using a search feature if you can just straight up complain? Someone will tell you whats wrong.
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    • #17
      I am aware that they still have issues going around cm's bald head bug, but this is happening 90% after all deaths when you're using Yulsaria's Glacier, it is more than annoying.


      • #18
        Originally posted by Shabutaro View Post
        Complaining is easier than reading, duh. Why bother using a search feature if you can just straight up complain? Someone will tell you whats wrong.
        It's not about that. It's about functionality. They're taking flexibility away from the players. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, even though it speaks no words. Valve just want your money I guess.
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        • #19
          Interesting fact - if you change some clothes on CM Impatient gem start to work, but not too long. And Sentry staff with Impatient gem don't give animation. Broken immortals so useless.