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Cristal Maiden Yulsaria's Glacier Immortal Item BUG

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  • Cristal Maiden Yulsaria's Glacier Immortal Item BUG

    I was playing Cristal Maiden today and it was amazing with the new immortal crown ,but there is a bug when you die and the crown just dissapear and CM becomes bald. After a few seconds since you respawned the crown shows up.

    Here have a look:

  • #2
    Crystal Maiden's Kinetic gem

    So i removed from an item Ylsaria's Glacier the gem and placed in the another hood for CM.

    The bug is that the effect that kinetic gem does, isn't working when i play CM wearing another hood. Crystal nova is as usual as it was before.

    How to turn on the effect of the kinetic gem?


    • #3
      Ylsaria's Glacier is a kinetic gem, which only changes the animation of Crystal Nova
      The custom visual/sound/spell icon is all tied to the immortal item itself, so you have to have the item equipped to make it work properly

      Now, whether or not this is intended, or should be changed is a separate issue


      • #4
        CM Kinetic Gem is embedded into Immortal?

        So I removed the gems from the hideous immortal CM piece and put them into my CM winter solstice hair.

        The Impatience gem is fine (if all it does is make her loadout post different)

        But the Yulsaria's Glacier one doesn't do anything.

        I reequipped the stripped Immortal (with no gems) and the visual works the same as though it had the gem.

        Is this intended? If so- what do the gems even do than?


        • #5
          Happened to me too. Another reason not to use it..


          • #6
            I have to do this. Couldn't help but think of him:


            • #7
              Its really weird that 'dead cancer girls' bug has been around for decades and not fixed yet.


              • #8
                Originally posted by _Myth_ View Post
                I reequipped the stripped Immortal (with no gems) and the visual works the same as though it had the gem.

                Is this intended? If so- what do the gems even do than?
                Wow, now i have the same question


                • #9
                  Doesn't happen to mine.


                  • #10
                    CM Yulsaria's Glacier gem does not work with other items.

                    Ok first thing first, this item is fucking ugly as hell. I wanted the crystal nova effect without having to wear a big dumb blue shower cap but when i cracked the gems out of the hat and affixed them into my favorite waifu hair it did not work. I swapped back to the original hat and to my surprise it works without the gem. I really like the new effect and CM is one of my favorite supports but I refuse to wear a hat that silly when there are better options out there, Im a lady and i need to look like it.


                    • #11
                      Totally agree, I don't want my Windranger wearing some weird shower curtain made out of grass and hay for my awesome afterimage technique animation.
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                      • #12
                        It's been explained before. Search a little. Kinetic Gem, Mastery Gem.


                        • #13
                          Yulsaria's Glacier + Snowdrop Mantle visual bug

                          It seems when you put them on at the same time half of cm's neck is being revealed and some other parts. I really love the combo and I would appreciate it if they fix it.
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                          • #14
                            Yulsaria's Glacier gem Not working with Tiara of the Crystalline queen!

                            As the title say: I inscribed Tiara and found out that it doesn't give CM any effect... kinetic gem won't work on this head piece -_-
                            Please fix.
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                            • #15
                              Wow do you guys even READ? The Kinetic gem has NOTHING to do with the nova spell animation. It is just for CM's casting animation (the movement she makes when she casts the spell). The new crystal nova effect is tied to the immortal so you HAVE to wear the immortal to get the new nova effect. All the immortals last year were similar and even this year not all immortals have kinetic gems (they still have a unique effect for spells, but they do not change the movement/animation the character does when casting the spell). It was not that hard to figure out.