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Terrorblade Arcana - "Cursed Black" Prismatic Bug

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  • Terrorblade Arcana - "Cursed Black" Prismatic Bug

    Hello, dear people, I have a bug to report. It may be pretty old but it is still there even with the new set. I describe it first, then I show you some pictures.

    The idea: When you insert a prismatic gem with color into TB arcana, it shall change the color of those particle effects to the color your gem is. Like for example, wirth original Prismatic "Reflection's Shade" his particles, by that I mean:

    - His footsteps (that "fire" after he walks)
    - His feet burn (that "fire" at his feet)
    - His weapons glow (ambient)
    - His Ultimate
    - His Head and breast hole "smoke" (ambient)
    - His Metamorphosis autoattack projectiles
    - The changed death animation and its color
    - Chanced color of the circle under hero when he uses Meta

    are changed to the color from the gem you put in that arcana. That shall be normal case which works with nearly every gem, except the "Cursed Black" one.

    What is wrong here?

    First, lets talk about arcana without set:

    That's how default arcana looks like. Autoattack in Meta is red with little black smoke, footsteps are red, feets burn red, hole in breast and head burns red too. Enemy death animation is also red. Sunder sends a red beam with black parts.

    That's how the arcana with one of those green gems looks like. Everything is like with the red one, except any red color is green now.

    Now with our problem here: the Cursed Black gem.

    Redarding only arcana without set:

    -There is absolutely NO weapon glow. Like nothing. It looks like he is just "holding" 2 sticks.
    -His footsteps aren't smoking black. You can only see those yellow steps withhout smoke effect. Nothing.
    -His feet also doesn't burn. No black smoke, nothing.
    -His holes in head and breast are black, but they aren't smoking like with other colors. You just have 2 black holes without any "special" effect.
    -His sunder has some black effects like with other gems, but it's actual color is white/grey. No black sunder.
    -When he kills somebody, the kill animation is black, but it looks VERY strange. I can probably upload it later but when he kills someone that target turns into black/green crystals first and disappears very strangely

    And regarding his new set:

    -With new weapons, which also change color regarding the gem you equip (by default light blue, when you add arcana they turn into color your gem is, for example red): There are NO colored parts. NOTHING. The same like with original weapons: they just look like 2 sticks.

    What is ok:

    -His AA with Meta (it is black)
    -His circle when he uses Meta (it is also black)

    You can see what I mean in attachements.

    What I want (and probably some other people): Just let him get same particle effects with black color like with other gems. Especially with the new incoming set. If it won't work like that, I would suggest just turn that black gem a little lighter to be nearly black so it will work (i think thats because of the color code which prevents it to appear).

    thanks for noticing,

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    I believe it's because colors in Dota 2 are actually RGBA and black has an alpha value of 255, which makes particles from it become transparent. They're there, you just can't see them.


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      Originally posted by Liandry View Post
      I believe it's because colors in Dota 2 are actually RGBA and black has an alpha value of 255, which makes particles from it become transparent. They're there, you just can't see them.
      That's why I suggested to make it a bit lighter, like dark dark grey. People wouldn't notice the difference but it will work.


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        Doing what you suggested will break the current couriers. the only solution I could see is . Releasing a new gem.


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          Originally posted by ArcanaBugReport View Post
          Doing what you suggested will break the current couriers. the only solution I could see is . Releasing a new gem.
          My work here is to report a bug, because it is one, what I already have done. It's not my job to fix it and find it out why it doesn't work. I have been promised that gem will change color and not remove all effects. Black gem -> Black color. No black color -> bug. That must be changed.

          Releasing a new gem won't fix the existing one, that's the problem.
          Last edited by zeron1; 04-01-2015, 10:33 AM.