Hello and good day to Dota 2 Developers.

I'm Panz, and this is absolutely not my real name; found Dota 2 is a delightful product I've ever played on Steam. One of this product attractions is the cosmetic products within the game and I found the recent design and ambient effects brings me gratification. I have traded a Phantom Assassin arcana bundle from another player before, opened the package and there was 'Manifold Paradox' arcana and 'Phantom Assassin Gravestone Emoticon'.

I was bit confused on how to activate the 'Phantom Assassin Gravestone Emoticon' before and recently, I was activating the emoticon and unfortunately it was vanished, not in my steam chat nor comment, and not in my inventory.

Would you help me out gentlemen and gentlewomen?

Thank you for reviewing my :grave: issue and may you have a great day.